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»Mornings here are different« has long been the slogan of the guest house Jelenov greben.

On the ridge, under the mysterious Rudnica, only a few meters above the monastery with the famous third oldest pharmacy in Europe, for many years, the rich tourist offer is present..

First you run into our fallow deer and mouflon, but if they are timid, the landowner Borut calls them by their pet name: "Pikaaaa, Pikiiii" Later on they are rewarded with their favourite treat-corn. The animals move freely on a 8-acre fenced medium.


First, there was a farm, focused on cattle and viticulture. Later on the only 18 years old Borut Ježovnik took over the homestead. Full of energy and new ideas, with a clear vision and of course with the full support of his family, he has created a rich tourist offer.

First the cattle was sold and 75 fallow deer from the Brioni islands, Croatia, were bought. Later, we started growing champignons and began with canning and processing and importation of compost for mushroom within engineering offices of three foreign companies.

Our guests never get bored

Miss Anica prepared mushrooms in various ways and also cooked deer goulash for the guests.The old barn was converted to the current guesthouse Jelenov greben. The local cuisine invites you to taste venison and mushroom specialties, all the way through, the culinary delights are complemented with new, mostly local elements.

Pensions »Rebeka« and »Karolina«

Guests felt good here and wished to prolong their stay. This is why we decided to enrich our offer and add rooms and suits in the pensions Rebeka and Karolina, named after the first two daughters. It is well-known that behind every successful man there stands a woman and our case isn't an exception.Borut's wife Asunta, who gave birth to three daughters, the youngest being Lara, is a cornerstone of their success. Together with grand father Ivan and miss Anica we are all caught up in daily chores and our only aim is to satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Each individual, in its own way, contributes to the fact that every visitor always feels welcome at Jelenov greben. The key to development is to listen to our guests and that for any idea, we find a suitable and competent staff that will identified itself with the ideas and, of course, add its own special touch. The family Ježovnik is being supported by a staff of 20 people, without which things wouldn't run as smoothly as they do now.

Our shop

Because our guests also wished to buy the goodies that we offer, we, through the years, developed a wonderful shop with local products. The products are also beautifully packed, which is the result of developments in the laser designing business, which was added in 2006. At first only for home use, but later on we developed a whole line of business gifts.

Apple ranch and wine shop

In 2009, we replaced the vineyard with an orchard of old apple varieties, with technical assistance from Kozjanski Park. Besides the vineyard stands the hayrack, which is an idyllic place for sports as well as formal events. In 2012, we expanded and transformed it into a beautiful glazed apple ranch, where there is space for up to 150 guests. Finally, in 2012, we have added the exquisite wine shop "Star' ata".

»What is new this year« is almost a regular question of the guests who keep coming back, which is the highest possible compliment.

»We will not rest on our laurels« says the owner Borut, »we have to surprise ourselves, in order to surprise others.« New programs, updates, and the development of tourism, especially the awareness of the need to support the city where you live in , is the path to success.
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