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The jelenov greben homestead, located only a few dozen meters above the Monastery of Olimje with the famous third oldest pharmacy in Europe, has been complemented for many years by a varied tourist offer.

First, you'll have a little jeweller and mufloni, but if they're detained, they're summoned by a master with a petuling name: "Pikaaaa, Pikiiii....", and as a delicacy they get corn. The jele are moving around the 8-acre-high enclosure.



In the village of Olimje, where the story of a successful family business is being written today, about three decades ago stood a farm with cows and a small vineyard. At the age of 18, borut Ježovnik inherited the farm from his grandfather Ivan Amona. 

Because of the size of the property, Mr. Ježovnik decided to sell cattle and buy deer damjake for the purpose of grazing the surface. 

Many people remember the beginnings of The Deer Ridge for growing champignons, preserved products and compost. Thus, the trade in domestic products, which we are still known for today, has slowly but steadily expanded. 

The champagnes we cultivated started preparing the pastichiers for tasting, but later decided to arrange a tavern at the site where the barn stood a few years ago. In this place there is still a restaurant and café Jelenov greben. 

Until today we are known mainly for venison and mushroom specialties, but the culinary offer complements traditional Slovenian tastes with new features. 

Since visitors always liked to come to Olimje and wanted to stay for a day longer, in 1996 we built two houses with two boarding houses: "Pension Rebeka" and "Pension Karolina", named after the first two daughters of the owner of Jelena's ridge, Borut Ježovnik. In 2013, we set up "Wellness Lara" between the two boarding houses, named after our youngest daughter Lara. Wellness Lara is a four-time winner of the "Let Rural Wellness" award. 

Jelenov greben is a family business that strives to make every visitor in Olimje feel welcome and homely. The key to development is to listen to the guest and to find a suitable, competent frame for each idea, which will identify with the company's vision, as of course, to add some of his own idea. 

Today, the company has about 30 employees and the number of employees is growing year after year. 

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