Jams and biscuits kitchen

Of course, not all of the harvest is destined for distilling. Housewives like to make various types of homemade jams, which have become one of the hallmarks of Deer Ridge in recent years. Almost a dozen flavours are available: from raspberry, pumpkin and strawberry with rosemary.

 Why are our jams so tasty and delicious? Making jam is a house tradition. Great-grandma's recipe book, which is on display in the showcase, bears witness to this. It has been carefully written down over generations, leaving its mark. Marmalade can be used as a stand-alone sweet spread for breakfast or as the main ingredient in the most delicious cakes prepared in the Jelenov ridge patisserie. 

And let's not forget the versatile use of jams in our biscuits, which enrich every festive table. This room smells of intoxicatingly fragrant and freshly baked biscuits almost every day. Marmalades also go perfectly with the main game dishes. The cannery also preserves mushrooms in vinegar, which are still a distinctive feature of Deer Ridge.

We also have a wide range of homemade biscuits, which we adapt to market and seasonal needs.
This way, we make sure that our kitchen always smells amazingly good. 

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