Piki Tourist Centre

"A small world of great ideas..."

The PIKI Tourist Centre is Jelenov greben's latest acquisition, located just a few metres away from the Olimje Monastery.

In October 2021, we opened a new tourist centre to give you a closer look at the production of our local products. We show the products' journey from the raw state to the finished products that grace the shelves of our boutique shop. Visitors are given a glimpse of the product-making process through glass windows. We have rooms for the distillery, distillate maturation, kitchen, jams and delicious biscuits, wood studio with CNC machine, laser studio, ceramics studio, honey bar, drying and maturation of homemade deer salami, hams and budjoles and juice bottling line. Visitors to the Piki Tourist Centre finish their tour in the tasting room, where they can taste the products they have previously seen being produced and buy them to take home in our shop.

As part of the outposts, you will see:

  • Wood Studio
  • kitchen jams and biscuits
  • Brandy
  • distillate ripening room
  • juice filling line
  • dried rooms of aera for salami and prosciua
  • Ceramic Studio
  • bottling station
  • laser studio
Individual guests - tour with tasting Price per person
Children (up to 12 years of age)
Group (min. 15 persons) Price per person
Children (up to 12 years of age)

The tour is followed by a tasting of local products, which is included in the ticket price. Tickets are available for meat, vegetarian and children's menus. If you are convinced by the tour and the tasting, you will be able to buy all the products presented in the new shop.

We also offer guided tours for school groups, teambuilding, birthday parties and more, and themed workshops. For more information, please contact: ptc@jelenov-greben.si

We look forward to your visit!


TUESDAY 8.00-16.00
WEDNESDAY 8.00-16.00
THURSDAY 8.00-16.00
FRIDAY 8.00-16.00
SATURDAY 8.00-16.00

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