Our pastry shop is known for its excellent desserts and ice cream, which we prepare ourselves. The offer is:

  • goat's apple with vanilla parfaite and apple core
  • creamy slice 
  • chocolate cake without flour
  • ice chocolate cake with vanilla 
  • cheesecake with salted caramel and peanuts
  • pistachio cake with raspberries
  • vanilla ice cream with pumpkin oil and cualtes
  •  cottage coucumb lytcha with cranberbras
  • apple head with vanilla cream
  • panakota
  • chocolate mousse
  • tiramisu
  •   gibanica after Prekmurje 

With us you can order cakes for various events (birthdays, weddings, communion, baptism and more). 


  • Ferrero Rocher
  • Jele's chocolate cake (no flour)
  • Ice cake (vanilla and chocolate flavour) 
  • Lemon cake 
  • Pistachio cake with raspberries 
  •  Raspberry cake
  • Blueberry cake


Patisserie 1

 You can choose the shape and decorating of the cake any way you want. The fee for decorating with "tičina weight" is between 10,00 € and 20,00 €. 

We also offer a wooden inscription for the cake (price: 15,00 €). 

For order, we can e-mail: or tel. +386 3 5829 046. 

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