Drying room

The drying rooms are used for drying venison salami, venison hams and sausages. Cured meats are our signature and a must in our home-made cold cuts. The products are prepared at home, in a carefully guarded environment and with the help of hard-working hands who, with their secret recipes and spice blends, make sure that delicious products. The products are first dried, then smoked, allowing them to dry out. the surface of the salami and remove the water from the food. This gives the characteristic smoky aroma. This is followed by maturing, which takes the longest time. It is essential to ensure that the salami is properly temperature, humidity and air cleanliness. Ripening takes approximately 54 days. Follow vacuum curing, and the salami is ready to take away with you and you surprise your guests with a delicious slice. 

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