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Wine shop »Star' ata«

»Drinking wine demands time.«

3 basic conditions are needed for the full enjoyment of wine:
  • selected company,
  • perfect ambience and carefully
  • and time.

Years of experience

The wine shop "Star' ata" is dedicated to Ivan Amon, the grandfather of the landlord of the guest house Jelenov greben-Borut Ježovnik. Mister Ivan has cultivated the vineyard on his own for years, producing his own white and red wine until the year 2011.

Winemaking demands 100% effort and this is why Borut decided to leave this to the experts. He instead opened a wine shop with selected wines from all wine regions in Slovenia.

The wine shop was named "Sta' ata" for a couple of reasons: to express gratitude for giving him the opportunity to take over the farm at a young age and as a tribute to the many years of dedication to viticulture.
Jelenov greben
Olimje 90
3254 Podčetrtek
T: +386 (0)3 5829 046
T: +386 (0)3 5829 412
GPS coordinates
46.147217, 15.560728
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