Deer viewing and feeding

An experience for children and adults


Individual viewing of the deer is possible every day during the operation of the Deer Ridge. Entry to the property is free.

In our store "Pri mami" we offer you a "box" of food for deer, with which you can get up close to the animals, and they will eat from your hand. 


The beginnings of Jelenov Greben

We brought deer to the property for the first time in 1989 from Brijon, Croatia. Because of the large cultivated areas, we bought deer to graze our meadows, but they soon became a real tourist attraction. More and more people came to our property to see these mighty, but at the same time timid animals. This is how the tourist farm named Jelenov greben was created.

The eight-hectare property greets you upon arrival through the gate
a herd of animals. This herd today numbers around 100 deer, hinds and mighty mouflons.

Today, animals are so domesticated that they hear the name "Pikaa, piki..." and run to the yard as fast as they can, because there is delicious corn waiting for them. Our "dots" are the happiest when their master calls them to feed, because they know his voice very well.

In touch with nature

Did you know that mighty deer lose their antlers every year? This happens in April, and by August they grow even bigger and more branched horns. They can be used to estimate how old deer are. 

Deer mate in early autumn. Mating is also called ruk in another way, and it is recognized by the strong voices with which deer invite females. It can also be recognized by the fact that deer become loners for a month, and after the end of the season, they return to established herds.

A doe carries a young for 9 months, and it usually gives birth at the end of May or June. During this time, people have to be even more careful to observe hinds with their fawns from a distance, do not approach them and pet them, as hinds may give up their fawns. 

Visit us and have a unique experience. Adventure is guaranteed!

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