Viewing and feeding of reindeer

On the eight-acre estate, you are greeted by the village on arrival through the gates of The Deer Ridge
herd of animals. Today, this herd counts about 100 deer, bushes and mighty muffles.


Experience for younger and older people


Individual tour of reindeer is possible every day during the operation of the Deer Ridge. In the shop "Pri mama" we also offer you "gill'l" food for deer, which will allow you to bring the animals close up close and they will eat the food off your hands. 


The beginnings of Deer Ridge

The deer was first brought to the property in 1989 from the Croatian Brijuni.  Due to the large arable land, we bought deer to pepper our meadows, but soon they became a real tourist attraction. People have repeatedly resorted to our property to see these mighty but timid animals. Thus, a tourist farm under the name Deer Ridge was created.

Once upon a time, even such timid animals realized that man was their friend and that the food that it offers them is actually a great taste. 

The jene and muflons are so domesticated today that they hear the name "Pikaaaa, spades..." and run into the yard as fast as they can, because they're waiting for delicious corn. Our "dots" are most joyous when the master calls them to feed, because their voice is very familiar and they know that they will get a lot of great food at that time. The master, however, looks at them affectionately and tells visitors various attractions about them. 


In contact with nature

Did you know that the mighty deer fall off their horns every year? This happens in April, and by August they grow even bigger and more branched horns. They can use them to estimate how old the beads are. 

The jele are mating in early autumn. Mating is also called ruk, but it is recognized by the strong voices with which the females are invited by the females.  It is also recognized by the need for the left to become reeds for a month, and after the end of the ruk, they return to their established herds.

Koteh carries the puppy for 8 months and usually carries it at the end of May or June. In the meantime, we need to be even more vigilant to watch the kosher with their puppies from afar, not to approach them and caress them, because the koshers of their puppies can give up. 

Visit us and experience a unique experience.  Adventure is guaranteed!

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